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Twenty Airstream Greenhouses in the Queue at Young’s Nursery

Young’s Nursery has supplied California’s commercial growers since 1954. Relying on an established  track record in the citrus industry, Young’s has fully embraced Airstream’s technology, becoming one of Airstream’s larger scale citrus nurseries with over 10 acres in production.

The photo above shows the first two of 20 houses with a third in process. Below is house number #1 fully planted out within just a few days of inflation. An automated misting system was installed to mitigate the excess heat, however the geometry of the structure coupled with the natural evaporation of the plants produces a thriving growing environment even in extreme heat conditions that precluded its use.

One of Airstream Innovation’s key strengths is airflow and the ability to automate it for any crop.

Young's Nursery Airstream Greenhouse No. 1

Young’s third greenhouse, featured below, shows the “bones” of the operation prior to attaching and inflating the cover. The bones being a skirt buried around the perimeter and two intake towers with downward-facing electric fans.

Young's Nursery 3rd Airstream Greenhouse

Airstream’s patented wind-assisted structures include a pest protection system unparalleled in the industry.

Young's Nursery Airstream Greenhouse Insect Net

Airstream Greenhouses provide immediate and open access to the facility. The access door is also the automated ventilation system.

Young's Nursery Airstream Greenhouse Vent Door No. 1

When Young’s Nursery is fully built out, they will have nearly one-half million square feet of USDA certified protected greenhouses in year round production.

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