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Willits & Newcomb goes with Airstream Technology

Willets & Newcomb Nursery

Willits & Newcomb orders two half-acre Airstream Greenhouses for a wide range of citrus production.

Located on a total of 150 acres at the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley, Willits & Newcomb are a wholesale citrus nursery serving commercial growers, retail nurseries and landscape professionals throughout California.

In 1946, Albert Newcomb and Ned Willits, saw the importance of supplying quality, disease-free nursery trees to the expanding citrus industry eventually building production to 250,000 trees per year.

Willets & Newcomb Nursery Airstream Greenhouses

Willets & Newcomb Nursery Airstream Greenhouses

On January 1, 2015 Dennis and Stacey Johnston of Johnston Farms purchased Willits & Newcomb. The Johnston’s were customers of Willits & Newcomb and had always admired the quality of the trees. Today all nursery stock is started from seed and grown in Airstream Greenhouses to protect them from pest and disease. Our greenhouses are USDA-certified pest free.

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