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Sun Pacific orders largest air-supported structure in the US

Sun Pacific Nursery Airstream Innovations Largest Air Supported Structure in USA

Simply Growing.

That’s what Sun Pacific does best. Sun Pacific® has farmed California land since 1969. Keeping customers satisfied and providing high quality produce fresh from their fields everyday.

AUGUST 2015 – BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA. Sun Pacific Nursery is one of California premier providers of citrus trees. In the Google map image above, the  north end of the acreage just below (behind) the white-roofed structures, you will see two sets of twin wind-intake towers; their shadows pointing one o’clock. One of the two greenhouses tunnels are already up with the second installation pending (Google’s last satellite photo is from March 2015).

Sun Pacific’s tailor-made Airstream production systems are the largest air-supported, wind-assisted structures on earth spanning 136,ooo square feet or over 3 acres of crop. Sun Pacific’s commitment to Airstream Greenhouses represents a maturing of their technology and should encourage even smaller growers to consider Airstream’s less gigantic, yet industrial-scale production greenhouses.

Sun Pacific is using Airstream Greenhouses to ensure their brands like Cuties® thrive indefinitely generations by using Innovations to install the two largest air-supported, wind-assisted structures on earth.

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