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Brokaw Nursery Adopts Airstream Greenhouses for Citrus Production

July 2013 – VENTURA, CALIFORNIA Rob Brokaw of avocado fame is at the helm of this multi-generational farming family. To ensure their presence in the citrus market in the face of new HLB quarantines, Brokaw ordered three Airstream tunnels, each 100′ x 500′ featuring a triple-tower configuration and nearly 50,000 square feet of planting space each. Brokaw recognized he needed a reliable solution and chose Airstream Innovations to help protect their future citrus business. The first tunnel went up in July 2013 …Read More

Twenty Airstream Greenhouses in the Queue at Young’s Nursery

JULY 2015 – THERMAL, CALIFORNIA Young’s Nursery has supplied California’s commercial growers since 1954. Relying on an established  track record in the citrus industry, Young’s has fully embraced Airstream’s technology, becoming one of Airstream’s larger scale citrus nurseries with over 10 acres in production. The photo above shows the first two of 20 houses with a third in process. Below is house number #1 fully planted out within just a few days of inflation. An automated misting system was installed to …Read More

A Positive Pressure Future for Agriculture

SAN DIEGO, CA. The term “pressure” has been tossed around a lot in the farming industry and one thing is clear. We all agree pressure is bad. At worst, it is a disaster, at best, a distraction. But not in this case. There’s a fresh positive attraction to pressure when it comes to David Chelf and his amazing positive pressure greenhouses. We caught up with David last October in San Diego …Read More

Mulholland Nursery installs half-acre Airstream Greenhouse

“It starts at the farm.” JULY 2014, ORANGE COVE, CALIFORNIA – Mulholland Citrus, a family farm born in 1885, represents 10% of the California fresh mandarin market. Great-grandfather William Mulholland began a tradition of innovation and ingenuity which has been passed down through four generations of California Delite growers. Today, fourth generation, Tom Mulholland is at the helm. When the Asian Psyllid attacked he needed to protect his market for wholesale citrus tree sales outside of the quarantine areas. …Read More