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Our structures present the ideal conditions for algae production, shellfish/pearl production, and fish production through protection from the elements and optimal airflow conditions to optimize gas exchange. Our commercial greenhouses are available in a number of different sizes and configurations, with our smallest system (~66’W x ~360’L) providing approximately ½ acre of ventilated and protected operating area. More Details and Projects Coming Soon

Sports & Recreation

Welcome NSCAA Attendees! View Airstream’s Online Sports Brochure Top 7  Reasons To Consider Airstream Stadiums You can grow the most beautiful “field of dreams” grass imaginable because our light-diffusing canopy and self-stabilizing ventilation allows grass to thrive. You can expand your practice seasons because our protected environment reduces summer heat and winter cold; naturally extending practice schedules. Your groundskeeper can reduce pesticides and fungicides because insects are either captured or repelled and our automated airflow stops …Read More


Our wind-assisted air-supported greenhouse structures are designed to be inherently organic, by preventing the entry of pest insects and by maintaining proper airflow to control humidity levels and reduce fungal pressures. Our greenhouse structures have been certified by the USDA for protection of crops against insects that vector disease, such as the Asian citrus pysllid, which carries Huanglongbing and has devastated citrus trees around the world. Our commercial greenhouses are …Read More