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Wind-n-Air™ Sports Stadiums

NCSAA Convention Los Angeles 2017

Welcome NSCAA Attendees!
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Top 7  Reasons To Consider Airstream Stadiums

  1. You can grow the most beautiful “field of dreams” grass imaginable because our light-diffusing canopy and self-stabilizing ventilation allows grass to thrive.

  2. You can expand your practice seasons because our protected environment reduces summer heat and winter cold; naturally extending practice schedules.

  3. Your groundskeeper can reduce pesticides and fungicides because insects are either captured or repelled and our automated airflow stops fungal pressures.

  4. You can reduce power use by capturing existing wind. Expect a maximum 120kph with no wind [180′ x 360′], but with our wind-catchers it could be as little as 40 kWph, saving an average 30% on electricity costs.

  5. You have easy in-and-out access because our programmed airflow maintains inflation even with the doors fully open. These doors automatically open or close to simultaneously vent air and allow access on demand.

  6. You save on installation, maintenance, and taxes because preparation and installation is a fraction the cost of rigid structures, maintenance costs are relatively minor, and our structures are rated temporary so property taxes rarely apply.

  7. You can be confident in the technology because Airstream has over 10 years of proven success with over one million square feet of installations and growing.

Guy Newman, San Diego, CA

“I am impressed about the potential Airstream’s structures could have for soccer in this country and around the world.”

 – Guy Newman