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straw1Our wind-assisted air-supported greenhouse structures are designed to be inherently organic, by preventing the entry of pest insects and by maintaining proper airflow to control humidity levels and reduce fungal pressures. Our greenhouse structures have been certified by the USDA for protection of crops against insects that vector disease, such as the Asian citrus pysllid, which carries Huanglongbing and has devastated citrus trees
around the world.

Our commercial greenhouses are available in a number of different sizes and configurations, with our smallest system (~66’W x ~360’L) providing approximately ½ acre of ventilated and protected growing area.


More Details and Projects Coming Soon…

Until then, here are some additional examples of older Airstream greenhouses:

delaware1The same 500,000 plants on March 6, 2009 showing extremely high vegetative growth rate after only 24 days. No fungicides were required, even in winter: