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Airstream Introduces Sports Stadium at NSCAA 2017

The NSCAA 2017 Report

January 12-14, 2017 – LOS ANGELES, CA.  On a rare rainy day in L.A., at the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) Conference, Airstream Innovations entered the sports and recreation market announcing their latest design in wind and air supported structures. While the rain cancelled many SOCAL soccer tournaments that weekend, it seemed to help the overall turnout at the 2017 NSCAA conference. And what a turnout it was. We were happily busy the entire conference.

Airstream’s first foray into the sports market demonstrates the maturing of our patented structures for uses beyond agriculture. With over one million square feet currently in full production in agriculture, Airstream’s technology has been proven safe, reliable and extremely effective at industrial scale. Airstream’s “Wind-n-Air” sports fields represent the next generation in protected structures with the ability to grow natural, high-quality, grass fields.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the level of interest in our sports fields from all over the USA and Europe.” Said David Chelf, Inventor and President of Airstream Innovations.

The confidence in Airstream’s technology was expressed by veteran Soccer player and esteemed coach, Guy Newman, who has signed on as in independent representative of Airstream’s Sports and Recreation Fields. Mr. Newman’s participation formally launches Airstream’s Sports and Recreation division.

“We are very excited about our product.  As everyone knows, although turf has improved tremendously over the last few years, nothing beats playing on lush real grass. This is even more true if we don’t have to worry about the weather, whether too cold or wet or too hot.  We really believe this is the future; clubs can have the ability to play all year on a surface that is safer and won’t cut short their players’ careers.” Said Guy Newman.

As Newman attests, artificial turf fields have improved, but the concerns about playing on chemically-derived turf or chemically poisoned live grass fields will persist indefinitely.  There are extensive reports on the numerous injuries and the alleged diseases caused by human exposure to chemicals used to make artificial turf. Add to this the large upfront cost and well-documented warranty issues are forcing decision makers to consider alternate solutions. This was evident based on how busy we were as attendees could see how we directly address these concerns at a incomparable price.

Airstream’s natural grass fields grown in their patented positive pressure structures can be installed for as little as half the price of conventional ‘bubble houses’ of the same scale. When you consider this doesn’t include the cost of a plastic turf field necessary in these air-locked structures, sports organizations that prefer playing on grass now have an affordable and far more appealing alternative. In other words, you can now have a protected playing field, including natural grass, for nearly half the cost of current alternatives.

Wind-n-Air™ Sports Stadiums

Moreover, pesticide and fungicide costs are reduced to virtually zero because of Airstream’s passive insect protection and their automated optimal ventilation reduces fungal pressures. Organizations can now enjoy playing on natural grass in a massive greenhouse-like structure that avoids the typical hot, cold, wet, dry conditions common to conventional greenhouses.

Discussions are already underway with Colleges, Youth Amateur and Professional Soccer Leagues in the US and Europe as well as Sports Field organizations interested in how Airstream’s technology can work for them. In fact, once Airstream installs their first field, we will be able to claim the largest super-organic grass field on earth. In addition to far safer and healthier sports activities, this opens up off-season opportunities for the general public to enjoy playing on chemical-free grass – a potential new revenue generator for their owners.

For further information, please contact Airstream Innovations at (858) 755-1822 or email info@airstreaminnovations.com.


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