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Airstream Innovations

Airstream Sports Stadium Brochure

Airstream’s natural grass fields grown in their patented positive pressure structures can be installed for as little as half the price of conventional ‘bubble houses’ of the same scale. When you consider this doesn’t include the cost of a plastic turf field necessary in these air-locked structures, sports organizations that prefer playing on grass now have an affordable and far more appealing alternative. In other words, you can now have …Read More

Airstream Introduces Sports Stadium at NSCAA 2017

The NSCAA 2017 Report January 12-14, 2017 – LOS ANGELES, CA.  On a rare rainy day in L.A., at the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) Conference, Airstream Innovations entered the sports and recreation market announcing their latest design in wind and air supported structures. While the rain cancelled many SOCAL soccer tournaments that weekend, it seemed to help the overall turnout at the 2017 NSCAA conference. And what …Read More

Sun Pacific orders largest air-supported structure in the US

Simply Growing. That’s what Sun Pacific does best. Sun Pacific® has farmed California land since 1969. Keeping customers satisfied and providing high quality produce fresh from their fields everyday. AUGUST 2015 – BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA. Sun Pacific Nursery is one of California premier providers of citrus trees. In the Google map image above, the  north end of the acreage just below (behind) the white-roofed structures, you will see two sets of twin wind-intake towers; their shadows pointing one o’clock. One of the two greenhouses …Read More

Brokaw Nursery Adopts Airstream Greenhouses for Citrus Production

July 2013 – VENTURA, CALIFORNIA Rob Brokaw of avocado fame is at the helm of this multi-generational farming family. To ensure their presence in the citrus market in the face of new HLB quarantines, Brokaw ordered three Airstream tunnels, each 100′ x 500′ featuring a triple-tower configuration and nearly 50,000 square feet of planting space each. Brokaw recognized he needed a reliable solution and chose Airstream Innovations to help protect their future citrus business. The first tunnel went up in July 2013 …Read More