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Brokaw Nursery Adopts Airstream Greenhouses for Citrus Production

Brokaw Nursery Airstream Greenhouse No. 2

Rob Brokaw of avocado fame is at the helm of this multi-generational farming family. To ensure their presence in the citrus market in the face of new HLB quarantines, Brokaw ordered three Airstream tunnels, each 100′ x 500′ featuring a triple-tower configuration and nearly 50,000 square feet of planting space each.

Brokaw recognized he needed a reliable solution and chose Airstream Innovations to help protect their future citrus business. The first tunnel went up in July 2013 with the 2nd and 3rd tunnel over the ensuing six months. Due to the favorable climate of Ventura County, Airstream’s technology and Brokaw’s operational experience the citrus tree production in these houses never cease.

Brokaw Nursery Airstream Greenhouses

“Airstream’s technology has met our requirements and exceeded expectations”.

Rob Brokaw

Brokaw Nursery Airstream Greenhouse No. 2

Brokaw currently produces over 250,000 plants per year and through the years has sold more than 10 million trees to California orchard growers. Brokaw also exports to over 45 countries worldwide. Brokaw is proud of the work they do and visitors are always welcome.


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Brokaw Nursery Airstream Greenhouse No. 2

Brokaw Nursery Fully Planted

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