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Brokaw Nursery Airstream Greenhouse No. 2

Airstream Innovations, Inc. was founded in 2006 by David Chelf to capitalize on an inexpensive, but very effective and efficient, structure which he invented. This is the world’s first wind-assisted, air-supported and ventilated structure. The structure can be configured for growing crops, raising chickens, aquaculture, sports, storage, and many other applications.

Biography:  David Chelf, President

Mr. David Chelf graduated from University of California, Berkeley, where he majored in physics, with a sub-specialty in business and economics. David conducted his graduate work in physics at University of California, Los Angeles. After obtaining a Masters Degree of Science in Physics, he specialized in experimental plasma physics and became very familiar with the physics of fluid flow and the practical aspects of R&D. David chose to leave the world of traditional physics research to combine his physics knowledge with his passion, growing and enjoying fine food. In the 1990’s, he grew specialty salad greens hydroponically in the Mojave Desert of California inside a controlled environment greenhouse, which he designed. There he learned the importance of the control of temperature, humidity, airflow, CO2 levels, light quality, intensity, and duration, as well as the myriad of parameters at the root level.

In 2000, David extrapolated his knowledge of growing specialty greens (in particular mâche) in a controlled environment to develop the production program for field mâche on hundreds of acres in the Salinas Valley, CA. There, he expanded his decade of greenhouse growing experience with more than 3 years of field experience in the U.S., France, Germany, and Italy. It was through these experiences that David recognized the value of combining the field and the greenhouse. With a desire to actualize this vision and a passion to produce, enjoy, and share flavorful food, David founded Wicked Wilds, Inc. to produce and promote specialty varieties with powerful flavor. Often these are wild and heirloom varieties (hence the name “Wicked Wilds”) which are not productive enough for commercial production. Through the protection and environmental control of the Airstream Innovations greenhouse, these varieties can often become commercially viable.

Beyond the immediate benefit of the commercial use of the Airstream Innovations greenhouse (more profitability for the grower), David sees the advantage to the world by promoting sustainable, local, and flavorful food production on a global scale. These benefits include: reduced transportation, fuel consumption, and emissions; healthier environment and people through the production and consumption of flavorful, organic foods; and more stable local economies and societies. We like to think of this as Beyond Business.